I'm Donna Morros from Skin Secrets Australia which is an online busienss that provides beauty blenders to the general public (local and Australia Wide), as well as industry professionals such as makeup artists to help them achieve professional results.
As a lover of all things beauty related I especially love makeup up and the way it can transform your look. Makeup that is applied correctly can be the difference to a flawless complexion to a caked on mess! That's why you need to use quality tools to help you achieve professional results.
I love the ease of which Skin Secrets beauty blenders applies foundation flawlessly and fits comfortably in the palm of your hand. The ergonomic teardrop shape makes it easy to build up coverage and reach into smaller areas of the face such as inner corners of the eyes and nose.
Skin Secrets Australia beauty blenders are for women who want a professional finish and flawless complexion.
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